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UNICORN POWER: 7 Ways To Grow Your Psychic Ability

Here’s the deal. Everyone is psychic. Yah. EVERYONE. Intuition comes with the operating system of the body which means no one is starting from zero when it comes to psychic development. Don’t believe me? Ever get “bad (or good) vibes” about someone? Ever have the phone ring and you *know* who it is before you look (and you’re right)? Ever have an inspired thought (“You know what we should do?!) Ever think/talk about something (or someone) and that thing or person shows up in your world in some way (rather quickly)? All psychic stuff. So, the trick here isn’t about whether you are psychic (you are), it’s about how to expand your ability. And that, my friends, is easy with a bit of focus and intention. In this blog, I am highlighting a good handful of powerful ways you can increase your Unicorn Powers (psychic mojo) and in response lead a more magical life!

1. Know to Grow

Before we wade thigh high into the psychic waters – it’s important to know all the different intuitive abilities. Or said more simply – you gotta know what you can grow. Many of you are familiar with clairvoyance – which is the ability to psychically *see* but there are others in the clair world. (clair, by the way, is another word for clear) Here are just a few others:

  • Clairsentience: psychic sensing (which can be emotional or mental)

  • Clairaudience: psychic hearing

  • Clairscent: psychic smelling

  • Clairgustance: psychic taste

  • Clairtangency: psychic touch

  • Claircognizance: psychic knowing

Some psychic abilities register in the mind (ie. clairvoyance, clairaudience) and some register in the body (ie. clairsentience, clairscent) Many folks rock more than one clair.



Not sure what clair(s) are in your toolbox? Use this exercise to get clear on your clairs! Step one here is buying a journal that you will use to track your progress to becoming a psychic superstar. With new journal in hand – write down all the clairs from the list above including clairvoyance and then – for the next week – grab that journal at or near bedtime and reflect on your day and any psychic prompts you think you received. Then catalog the prompts with the corresponding clair. Example – let’s say someone called you and you “knew” who it was before you looked at your phone – congrats! That’s a claircognizance ability. Or say you’re driving down the road and you *feel* you should get off the road as soon as possible and you realize later that getting off the road at that place helped you avoid an accident. That is clairsentience. Need another example? Say you picked up something and immediately sensed information about this something that is beyond what you should know. That is clairtangency (also referred to as psychometry). Get the idea? Once you know what clairs you exhibit most, you’ll know where to put your focus when you work to expand your psychic ability.

2. Get Classy

Any of you familiar Harry Potter? If so – you’ll understand my references here. If not – crawl out from the rock you’ve been living under! So back to Harry and his beloved Hogwarts. What a place, right? A magic school designed to teach you all kinds of witchy stuff! Well, there is a bonafide Hogwarts-type place right here in the good ole US of A. It’s not a castle like Hogwarts – it’s an entire town. Yah – TOWN. It’s actually the world’s largest spiritualist community and it’s been around since the late 1800’s. Insane, right? Even more insane – everyone who lives in the town of Lily Dale (they actually refer to it as a hamlet – adorable!) is a psychic *and* each one of them had to be voted in by a council from the town as being legit enough to live there (ie. they have to have mad psychic skills). I will take you one step further when I share that every summer Lily Dale opens up to outsiders and offers a summer’s worth of in-person classes and courses taught by some of the world’s top psychic peeps. Yah, like I said, Hogwarts. Wanna grow your ability lickety split? Take a summer class (or more!) in Lily Dale, New York! ( Can’t swing a summer trip to Lily Dale? Not to worry! There are plenty of online options for you. One of my favorite teachers is Cyndi Dale ( She has an amazing book titled: The Spiritual Power of Empathy and she offers great online classes. Or you can sign up for my Intuitive Development class (nudge, nudge).



This exercise is focused on pushing you to focus on strengthening your abilities thru study and practice. Find an online or in-person class and commit your time, energy and mula to growing your intuition! In the meantime, watch the video tutorial for deets on how to use a pendulum – a great tool for expanding your psychic connection!

3. Expose Yourself

There’s nothing like experience something first hand to really open up your awareness and understanding. Psychic development is no different! Wanna be more psychic? Check out psychics! And this just doesn’t mean have a session with a psychic (although it’s one of the ways – nudge, nudge) There are psychic fairs, psychic books, psychic movies and documentaries. And there are many famous psychics you can Google about to learn all kinds of juicy and inspiring stuff about what it is to be psychic and how you can use your psychic abilities. One of my fav famous psychics is Edgar Cayce. He is one of the greatest verifiable psychics of all time and there is a TON of literature, documentaries, and info on this incredible man. He is also associated with a *really* famous organization called the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) which offers tons of classes and books as well as a visitor center in Virginia.



For the next week, take yourself on a journey into the world of psychics and either schedule a psychic session (big wave from me!), watch a psychic documentary, buy a book (or two or three) on psychics or go to the library (yes, they still have libraries) and check out a few. Or you can Google deep dive into a few famous psychics like Edgar Cayce, James Van Praagh, Tyler Henry, John Edward, and Nostradamus.

4. Tool Time

The road to becoming more psychic is paved with divination tools. What’s a divination tool? It’s something that helps amplify your focus, your connection and/or your confidence when you’re trying to read psychic vibes. There are a number a divination tools but some of the most well-known include: tarot cards, pendulums, crystals, automatic writing, dream interpretation, high-vibe music, and plant medicine. I’m sure most of you are familiar with most of these (Ayahuasca has definitely gone mainstream!) so I won’t unpack all of these options but I will focus on one that may not be as familiar to you and that is automatic writing. This tool has also been referred to as spirit writing and it is accomplished by putting yourself in a meditative state (more on that in the next step!) and then allowing your higher self (higher mind) to flow in written word form. Like all divination tools, it takes practice to not only access this as a tool but to strengthen your connection to your higher mind. I usually recommend folks listen to high vibey sound (high hertz sound like binaural beats) while doing automatic writing to help encourage a deeper connection.



For the next week, pick one divination tool you’re intrigued by and focus your energy (each day) on using this tool to psychically connect. If you’ve used any divination tools in the past, stretch yourself this week and choose one you haven’t used before and see what results you get. Remember to have the energy of playfulness when connecting to your psychic tool. This isn’t do or die – its exploration and expansion. Have fun with it!

5. Meditation Meditation Meditation

Non-local consciousness. A whopper of a term. Many of you probably don’t know what that means so let me break it down for you. But first I need to define consciousness which is the awareness of internal and/or external existence. The idea of consciousness is that it’s produced by the brain and dies when you die. Non-local consciousness is then consciousness that is not connected to space (ie. your brain) or time (ie the present moment). When you are getting your super psychic on you are accessing non-local consciousness and the BEST way to strengthen non-local consciousness connection is by – you guessed it – meditation. Now, I know for some – meditation is a four-letter word but it doesn’t have to be. Simplified, meditation is stillness, breath and intention. Just 5 minutes a day in meditation (only 5 minutes!) can dramatically change your life. No foolin. Wanna be more psychic – gotta connect to that non-local consciousness every day.



This exercise is ALL about (surprise!) meditation. Never done it before? Get an app (there are some really good ones out there like Headspace) and devote time this week – every day for at least 5 min. Meditated before but fell off the wagon as of late? Get back on that wagon! At least 5 minutes a day. Are you an experienced meditator? Kick your game up a notch and add chanting/toning to your practice and watch your connection amplify!

6. Fake It Till You Make It

I don’t *literally* mean “fake it” (lying is not a path to expanding psychic ability – LOL). What I mean is that in order to bypass your doubting mind, you have to act as if you already are super psychic so that the volume of your still small voice (psychic self) is louder than your doubting mind. I’m sure (more than once) you’ve received an internal prompt (psychic nudge) to do (or not do) something and you ignored the prompt only to realize later your prompt was right on the money. So, with this step, instead of ignoring the still small voice – you are going to turn that one WAY up by telling yourself – I am super psychic and as such – I listen to alllll the prompts I get and I follow what I see, hear, feel, sense. It’s a game changer if you really lean in here! Believe and you will achieve.



This is another week-long exercise designed to raise your awareness and your confidence in your psychic abilities. But to make this easier (and more fun), you’re going to play this as a game with yourself! Each morning – for a week – you will start the day with a simple mantra: I am super psychic. I see, hear, feel and sense psychically every day and today I choose to open my focus to the psychic prompts I receive.

You will repeat this mantra thru-out your day and then when you receive a prompt – you follow it! Easy, peasy.

7. Practice Practice Practice

Wanna get good at something? You gotta practice. And psychic development is no different. Whether you are using divination tools or rocking a daily mediation practice or you are listening to and following psychic prompts or you’re taking a psychic class or immersing yourself in psychic education or a combo platter of all of these – the trick to becoming stronger is consistent practice. Now I would also argue that belief is a huge ingredient to expanding your psychic ability. Bear-hugging a doubting Thomas tree probably won’t get you a lot of intuitive juice. That said, all the ways you’ve been given here to expand your psychic self are inherently designed to reduce / eliminate doubt. Stay consistently connected to one, some or all of these methods and you will – no doubt (hah!) be on your way to becoming more psychic.



For this exercise lather, rinse and repeat some or all of these methods for expanding your psychic self. Take it one step further and devote specific time – each day – to psychic development as consistency always rewards you with great results!

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