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Psychic Development Workshop - Discover & Expand Your Intuition

Everyone has a sixth sense. The trick isn't to turn it on. It’s to turn it UP! In this full-day intensive, held at the beautiful South Coast Winery in Temecula, I will to help you crack that 3rd eye wide open and start exploring and trusting the divine guidance known as your inner voice. You'll also learn how to quiet the fear mind and tune into those incredible psychic vibes so you can read yourself and others and access powerful insight. Even more you’ll receive a special gifts that will help you exercise and strengthen your intuitive ju-ju so you can claim your psychic ability. Lunch is included!

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Super-sized Soul Retreat

Through sacred ceremony & practices including plant medicine, kundalini yoga, biofield tuning, breathwork, psychic development, dream traveling & more you'll learn powerful techniques. for releasing limitatations & experience advancement into higher consciousness.

Soul Sorcery 2022 Banner.png

Soul Sorcery: How to Master Your Magic

Wading knee-deep in spiritual hoo-haw but can’t seem to navigate to the deeper end of the pool or  in the deeper spiritual waters but still can’t seem to exalt to higher levels? This course is a kung-fu kick to the door of your soul power.

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