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Awaken Love - Master Class in Manifesting Your Soul Mate

Beautiful Souls - many of you come to me for help with love - whether it's how to deeply love yourself or how to find or create true love in partnership. Well, it's time for all of us to move this forward! Whether you're single and afraid you will never find the one or you're in a relationship and, for whatever reason, it doesn't feel like the one - it's time to Awaken Love. Join me for this incredible and potent one-day course destined to change your life! You'll learn quantum manifestation using my new Universal Flow Formula including powerful future-life progression techniques, psychic expansion techniques and so much more! This is a lovelution and you can expect miracles!

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Super-sized Soul Retreat

Through sacred ceremony & practices including plant medicine, kundalini yoga, biofield tuning, breathwork, psychic development, dream traveling & more you'll learn powerful techniques. for releasing limitatations & experience advancement into higher consciousness.

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Soul Sorcery: How to Master Your Magic

Wading knee-deep in spiritual hoo-haw but can’t seem to navigate to the deeper end of the pool or  in the deeper spiritual waters but still can’t seem to exalt to higher levels? This course is a kung-fu kick to the door of your soul power.

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