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SOUL-Full: 5 Reasons You Need A Soul Coach

Well, the first question is – what the F is a Soul Coach? Awwwesome question. Unlike your garden variety Life Coaches who are designed to help you actualize you 3-D life goals or a Spiritual Coach who is there to help you actualize your spiritual goals – a Soul Coach is someone who helps you actualize your Soul’s Purpose – a combo pack of the deep juicy awesome reason you chose to incarnate this lifetime and your innate inner soul architecture culminated from lifetimes of work. This is some serious grand poo-bah actualization here! It for those who have woken up on the tram ride of life and said, wait a sec – I’m meant for more than this. Still scratching your head on this whole Soul Coaching thing? Read on, Dear One! Below are 5 reasons a Soul Coach will not only rock your planet but help you change your universe!

1. The “We” Factor

So not sure if you’ve figured this out yet, but we are not meant to be solo flyers down here in the Earth realm. In fact, we are super tribey folk. And that’s because we are all one body, one mind, one heart – like legit oneness. So, when you are looking to create anything – and you engage the energy of anyone(s) in addition to your own, you are cooking with rocket fuel. I call this the “we” factor and it’s not a new concept. It’s been proven both scientifically and spiritually by many a folk much brighter and wiser than me. So, when you begin the higher path of actualizing your higher path – adding some “we” energy creates super juicy manifesting ju-ju. And Soul Coaches take you from, well, you to a wonderful, intentional – powerful “we.”

2. Yard Work

When I was kid the worst moment of my Saturday was when my Dad would announce (unreasonably early, in my opinion) that today was yard work day and we wouldn’t be doing a damn thing until that work was done. No one likes to pull weeds, clear bramble, move rocks, rake dirt – especially on a beautiful Saturday (way to early) morning. But I have to admit that the hard work always paid off in spades as the result was a pristinely beautiful backyard and a really clean feeling inside of a job well done. Even more there was something about my brother and I out there pulling, raking, hula hoe’ing and trimming together that made the whole affair so much more bearable. Such is the same when it comes to doing your own Soul yard work. Clearing out your past of the weeds, bramble and rocks of old patterns, trauma and stuck energy isn’t something we all bound out of bed early in the morning to attend to – but with Soul Coach working with you – helping you clear and cleanse your past, you can move thru the hard work together and before you know it – your yardwork will be done.

3. Soul Mapping

The first time I heard of Soul Mapping and Human Design – I thought it was like astrology – kinda a homogenized reflection of some personality generalities and mildly interesting. Wow, how much I didn’t about astrology and Soul Mapping could have filled a football stadium. Far from being a general map / reflection of some of your characteristics – Soul Mapping with Human Design is not only a valuable tool for human understanding – it is a freakily accurate system for verrrrry personal self-knowledge of your soul architecture. It reflects the deepest wiring of who you are and with that knowledge – instead of working against your own energies and design, you can move in complete flow with how you were inherently spiritually/physically/emotionally/mentally designed which makes actualizing your higher path sooooo much easier. Part of your work with me as your Soul Coach will include Soul Mapping thru a Human Design session with Kim Gould – an uh-mazing Human Design aficionado from Australia. Once we have this incredible insight and clarity on how you are wired, we can begin to build on your natural abilities when pathing you forward. Not knowing the intricacies of your own personal wiring means a lot of hit and miss experiences and a general feeling that you are knocking around in the dark. Soul Coaching helps turn the light on!

4. Body / Mind / Emotion / Spirit Alignment

We are dimensional beings. No new insight there. However, as common as this understanding is, many ignore, disconnect and/or minimize one or more of their vibrational bodies not understanding that while body, mind, emotion and spirit are independent frequencies – they are complexly interwoven and in constant communication with one another resulting in coherence and/or incoherence. Through our Soul work together, we will audit your independent frequencies for any incoherence and will work to heal and align all your energetic bodies. You will be working with a leading herbalist/nutrition specialist for your physical body, a biofield tuning specialist to align and clean your etheric field and myself thru Reiki energy healing and self-regression techniques to heal any past / present impacts and/or trauma. The higher your frequency, the higher rate of energy you have at your disposal for manifesting and actualizing your Soul purpose. This is a beautiful and profound energetic realignment and is at the heart of the Soul Coaching program.

5. Actualization of Purpose

Half the battle in getting to any destination is figuring out where you are heading. The other half is actually getting there. I had a client who came to me for Soul Coaching because while they had an enviable career and income, they felt an emptiness that could not be ignored. Through the course of their coaching, it became clear that the career path they were on was not in alignment with their highest Soul Path and this knowledge/awareness provided an equal amount of sweet relief and spiritual recognition along with a fear of change. As we dug into the next phase of their soul coaching program, we focused on moving thru this fear to actualizing a new more-soul aligned career that felt purposed and joyful. Change is challenging even when we know we are heading towards a higher destination. As a Soul Coach we act as both an owl helping you see in the darkness and an eagle flying high above you providing panoramic insight to your path ahead. If your Soul is calling you – we Soul Coaches are there to help you answer this call.

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