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My Story with

The Virgin Mary

My relationship with Mary began when I was a young girl and I was first introduced to her as the mother of Christ. Like most who came to know her in this way, I looked at her as a holy relic and not a real person – certainly not someone I had a personal relationship with.

In college, a Catholic boyfriend gave me a Madonna necklace as a gift. “Oh, thank you!” I said and then relegated it to a drawer filled with other useless jewelry I would never wear.


And then, in my mid-thirties I found myself unexpectedly pregnant (and  unmarried) as a result of a relationship I had been in for less than a year. A hasty wedding followed and then, within a year of the baby’s birth, a falling apart of a marriage that was too soon and too much. Desperate and overwhelmed, I found myself praying to Mary.  Begging her, really, to help me. I was a sobbing mess as I asked her to please show me how to endure the heartache and mother this child alone. And that’s when she appeared. Literally. She hovered over me and covered me with her blue shawl. She held me together for months as I weathered a divorce and the realization that I was going to raise my baby as a single mother. 

That alone is miraculous. But the real miracle happened when my daughter was three and we were about to board a flight home from New York. My daughter had been running a fever before we got on the plane and I had given her medicine knowing I would take her to her doctor’s when we got home. Somewhere over Las Vegas, her fever spiked and she started going into a fever-induced seizure. She was convulsing in my arms when I hit the flight attendant button and screamed for a doctor. As fate would have it, I was surrounded by three doctors, but they looked on helplessly as my child – who had now stopped breathing – turned blue. An oxygen mask was put on her, but she wasn’t moving or breathing. At that moment, I began to pray for the life of my child and for my own life. For I knew, if my daughter died, I would not be able to survive the trauma. Within seconds of my prayer, my daughter, who had been lifeless for nearly two minutes, sat up in my arms, took a long gasp of air and said, “Mom, did you see Mary? She was right here.”

I am happy to report that my daughter made a full recovery and from that day forward asked that a picture of Mary be in her room always. I have also noted that Mary is always present in my home and shows up for every healing I do.  She helps me channel extremely high healing vibration and renews my energy so that I am never sick nor fatigued.

This blessed Master Teacher is there to give divine mother love to all who seek it and I am elated to turn others on to her incredible healing power.​

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