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Cara Johnson, a psychic

I came into this world highly sensitive – clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient– I see, feel and hear things others don’t both in the waking world and in dream time.  As a child, I knew this wasn’t normal and tried to suppress and hide who I was and what I experienced for years (and years).


Raised both Mormon and Buddhist (my parents were seekers), if I wasn’t praying, I was meditating. The exposure to both Eastern and Western religious philosophies would form the backdrop of my healing work in years to come. My journey to holistic healing began when I was a young girl and was able to heal those I touched with my hands.


In my twenties, I became a licensed massage therapist and began a private practice in San Francisco and then later in Cusco, Peru. As much as I enjoyed offering massage therapy, I felt there was something missing in the connection.


I discovered Reiki in 2008 after a close friend offered me a free session.  In a word, it was transformational. Not long after, I received all three Reiki certifications from the same teacher who had taught my friend.  I was fortunate enough to receive my training in the mountains above Cusco, Peru near the Temple of the Moon. It was a magical backdrop and I will forever be grateful to my teacher – a man truly blessed and destined to teach Reiki.

From the moment I completed my Reiki training, it has been an incredible journey into the unlimited. Almost as soon as I received my Reiki certifications and began my Reiki practice, I started to channel not only the Reiki energy but also sound.  The sound comes thru as tones, emotional sounds or sacred sounds like Native American chanting, Buddhist chanting, Didgeridoo noises, wind, etc. The sounds change based on the issue(s) within the emotional and/or physical body I am working on. 


As we are all vibrational frequencies, I understand the sounds to be working within the etheric field to help adjust and harmonize the emotional, physical and spirit body.  If that sounds odd, I assure you not one client has yet to tell me the experience is anything other than positive.  In fact, I encourage you to read some of the testimonials on the Praise page.  


My exposure to regression therapy began when I was in my early teens and my father taught me a regressive breathing technique designed to activate cellular memory. My father is a revered therapist and family counselor who has been using regression therapy to transform lives for over 40 years. Thru my gifts as an empath and an intuitive, I have since been able to integrate this life-changing healing technique and feel truly blessed to be able to mid-wife such profound return to self and soul.


No longer am I the child embarrassed by who she is and what she brings to the world. In fact – in addition to my work with individuals and groups, I also work to help other healers open up to their true nature and gifts so they, too, can shine their light on others.



With love,

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