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Psychic Readings

Looking for answers, insight and guidance? In our session together not only will I feel into your physical and emotional body with my empathic ability, I will also access your higher self, guides and/or loved ones who have crossed over to provide detail and direction so you can release confusion, anxiety, worry and/or stress and make positive moves forward in your health, love life, career and/or path. 

While this session is not a full Medium Reading, I do often find that loved ones who have crossed over make themselves known in theses sessions. Please let me know at the time of scheduling the session if you are looking for this kind of connection so I can take time to *tune in* ahead of our session. 


Sessions can be scheduled in person in the sanctuary of either my Temecula or Encinitas, California locations or via video Skype or FaceTime. I always recommend bringing your smart phone to the session so you can record our time together. I find often times we only hear about a third of what people say and this is doubly true in readings as there is typically a great deal of information shared in a relatively short amount of time. 


I offer both 60 and 30-minute sessions. However, I do suggest if you have never had a session with me before - to select the 60-minute timeframe for your initial session as there will be a fair amount of detail in our first connection. Sessions are $200/60-minutes or $120/30-minutes. Payment for the session is expected within 24-hours of your scheduled time.


To schedule simply call or text with your preferred days and time of day and I will share what I have available. 

Medium Readings

Losing loved ones is never easy. It can be especially challenging when their passing is sudden preventing closure. If you’ve lost a loved one(s) and are having a hard time moving past the grief or if you are looking for answers, connections and/or closure, a medium reading is the perfect session. My medium readings are profound one-hour sessions filled with love, healing and messages. Using my empathic, intuitive gifts, I feel and hear your loved ones and access images and detail they share so you know they are with you both in our session and beyond.


Please know it is my true intention and desire to connect with the loved one(s) you wish to speak to, but I can’t guarantee who will show up in your reading. That said, if you have a person(s) in mind, spend some time ahead of the session connecting with your them in your mind asking them to come forth in the reading.


Medium Readings can be scheduled in person in the sanctuary of either my Temecula or Encinitas, California locations or via video Skype or FaceTime. I offer both 60 and 30-minute sessions priced as $200/60-minutes or $120/30-minutes. Payment for the session is expected within 24-hours of your scheduled time.


To schedule simply call or text with your preferred days and time of day and I will share what I have available.

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Intuitive Counseling Sessions

As a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, I am able to tune into intuitive information and guidance from higher guides (mine and yours), as well as those connected to you thru spirit. My intuitive counseling sessions are powerfully positive downloads framed in unconditional love and understanding and focused on providing insight on your past, current and future path. You will also get insight on action steps to take to positively improve and/or shift your world (problem, issue, fear, etc.). These are not glorified “rah rah” sessions (as much as I love pom-poms). These are roll up our sleeves and get to the nitty gritty sessions. 


Intuitive Counseling sessions are $200/hour and can be scheduled as 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions. Initial sessions with new clients will always be scheduled for at least 60 minutes. (A lot comes thru with the first session and we will need time to get thru it all) Payment for these sessions are expected within 24 hours of your scheduled session. To schedule call or text for availability.


Intuitive sessions can be conducted in person in the sanctuary of my private space or via Skype or Facetime.  For phone readings, I prefer to see your face and have you see mine so you can feel the exchange of energy and love as the information/guidance comes thru.

Empathic, Intuitive Energy Healing (Reiki Super-sized!)

My energy healings sessions are Reiki super-charged. As an empath and an intuitive, I actually move my energy into your etheric field and feel inside you physically, emotionally and spiritually. In this way I see what needs to be healed. In addition to energy, I also channel sound which acts as another form of vibrational healing. The sounds can be tonal, tribal, or emotional depending on the issues being worked on. (for example, when working with those who have cancer, there is always a drilling noise that channels thru). Additionally, after the energy healing portion of the session, I share everything I saw/heard/felt while working on you so you are consciously aware of what is happening on a deeper level and then can be actively involved in your own healing. These sessions are a wonderful combo of super-sized Reiki energy healing and an in-depth Psychic Reading so you receive a full-bodied healing - body, mind and spirit.

All Reiki sessions are conducted with the client fully clothed on either my massage table or couch or chair. All Reiki sessions include some form of intuitive insight / guidance and/or channeled messages from spirit. 

Reiki sessions can be conducted in my private space or via Skype or FaceTime sessions (using distance healing techniques). The rate is $300 / 90-min

These sessions are $250/90 minutes and, again, they typically include channeled messages from spirit. 


Shorter sessions are reserved for those who have long-standing and deep-rooted issues that necessitate daily and/or weekly sessions to effect a complete healing. In these cases, a 21-day cycle may be recommended which is priced out at one 15-minute session per day for 21 days. Know, however, that the duration of the session(s) and the number of sessions recommended will depend on your specific health issue.


To schedule simply call or text and provide your preferred days and time of day and I will let you know what's available.

Soul Coaching


There has never been a better time for you to manifest your greater life and with the help of my Soul Coaching program you can expand what you conceive is possible for yourself in this lifetime and achieve your Soul’s desire for yourself on this amazing Earth walk.


My Soul Coaching program gives you weekly access to phenomenal spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing as well as one-on-one transformational mentoring & guidance to help you master your relationships, your career, your health – your world! This in-the-trenches support totals eight hours a month and includes weekly Empathic Intuitive Spiritual Channeling with your Guides and Intuitive Counseling/Direction to help you integrate profound change in your life as well as remote or in-person healings to help you manifest your Soul Goals! Together we will be rolling up our sleeves to help you clear a straight path to your best life. It’s like having your own personal Earth Angel!

When You Step In To My Soul Coaching You Can Expect to:

  • Heal Body, Mind & Spirit

  • Unlock & Actualize Your True Purpose

  • Create a life that is happy, healthy & abundantly wealthy

Also included in the Soul Coaching Program is a personal session with a top Diet & Herbalist Guru followed by three months of support as well as monthly access to my Meditation Class (both online and in person) and discounts on all my classes, courses & events. You will also be working with a Human Design specialist to determine your Soul Architecture!


The Soul Coaching program is a monthly program that comes with a minimum commitment of three months to give you the time you need to connect your inner dreams with your outer reality!


The monthly price for Soul Coaching is $1500 and weekly payment plans are available. Kick ho-hum to the curb and sign up for magical. It’s time to step into your full power and your full potential!


Contact me today and let’s talk!

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