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“Wise sayings often fall on barren ground, but a kind

word is never thrown away.”

~Arthur Helps


I am constantly being showered with wonderful words and appreciation. What a blessing and a joy.  Take a look at what some have shared…

To know Cara is truly a great blessing. Cara has and still continues to be one of my greatest friends and teacher. She is a woman of great substance in every way that is important. As a healer, she is way beyond any healer that I have had the honor of experiencing.

Her work grows in leaps and bounds continuously. Cara's healing is definitely coming directly from Spirit, it is powerful and incredible. I feel so blessed and humbled by this beautiful woman....her love shines though every healing she does, as does her dedication to always being open to Spirit to channel this light.

If you have the opportunity to work with Cara, you will receive much more than you could pray for. I am eternally grateful to Cara, for her generosity of spirit, her kindness, compassion and endless love that she has always given to me, and that she offers to the world.

Bless you Cara! 

Lesley Myburgh
Wachumera, Cusco

Regression work with Cara is an intense, deep and beautiful experience. With her wisdom and kindness, she guides you through even the most traumatic experiences while always making you feel safe and supported. And with her compassion and strength, she intuitively helps you unravel events so you can arrive at the hidden core of meaning and learn what is necessary to let go of any painful emotions you’ve unknowingly been carrying around with you.


In the weeks after our work, the texture of my dreams changed. A sadness I never realized was there was gone. I hadn’t noticed its presence, but I noticed the absence. Then the negative emotions peeled away in layers like an onion. I felt wonderful. Then I felt sad. I felt ready to love. Then felt so afraid and vulnerable.


It was scary and beautiful and necessary. One day it hurt. The next day it didn’t. Then something old cleared away. And something older, more primal, more essential to who I am was able to shine through again. It was a magnificent experience and I am better for it.


Paula Sadok

I would highly recommend Cara as a Reiki practitioner, given her warm, professional manner and her record of success.


In my instance, she visited me at my home and made me feel comfortable (as a first time Reiki patient) by giving me an indication of what I could expect, and helped me manage my expectations.  In terms of what I experienced during my session, Cara kept her hands above my body and intermittently uttered some sounds, quite musical or chanting in nature.  She hummed my name several times.  In terms of sensation, I felt a slow, rhythmic feeling through my hands and lower arms, which brought to mind laying on the edge of the ocean on a beach, where the tide lapped through my arms.  It was neither strong nor disturbing, but rather calming.  I look forward to learning what multiple sessions can do for me.

- Sara Zervos

I am writing this to express my highest recommendation of Cara Johnson as a Reiki therapist. I have personally experienced positive, helpful results.  The focus of her therapies has coincided remarkably with my health, emotional and spiritual issues.  Cara encourages open communication between herself and her clients.  She gently guided me through the process and encouraged me to participate on a spiritual level of trust and acceptance. Cara's purpose in Reiki practice is enhanced and validated by spiritual maturity, integrity and sincerity.  Her service to others is motivated by love.


After taking medication for depression and anxiety for years, I turned to Reiki for help to discontinue this need. I have been seeing Cara as a Reiki specialist for the past three months and during this time I have not only managed to eliminate the use of medication, but am realizing an anxiety/depression-free lifestyle for the first time in years. My experience during the Reiki process has been exceptional. As a meditation practitioner for many years, I have been amazed with each Reiki session, in that it places me in a state of deep meditative practice every time. My body has experienced many sensations during these healing sessions, including a sense of tingling, high energy and “movement” in various parts of my anatomy. I have also noticed a process of visualization that oftentimes has accompanied my sessions. I highly recommend this process to anyone who seeks relief from medical or emotional issues. I would not trade my experiences for anything.

- Sandra N

I have been a Tai Chi instructor for almost 40 years and have had a long time interest in health.  I love my Tai Chi, yoga, and long walks.  Several months ago I developed a problem in my right hip and was unable to walk and continue my daily exercise.  I cannot tell you how devastating this has been for me.  I had to cancel my classes, stop walking, etc.


I heard that Cara was doing “energy” work and we discussed what was happening to me over the phone and via email.


She immediately began assisting me with my healing.  I have found Cara to be a rare creative soul that is passionate about healing and is a voracious student of Life.  She has kept me informed and right on track as far as my own participation in the process.  The true blessing is that IT IS WORKING!!  Yesterday I walked about a mile.  I stopped along the way to do some Tai Chi.  These are things that I have not been able to do for months.  It literally brings tears to my eyes to be able to do those activities that nurture me.   I want to express that I do not take healing lightly and I do not trust very many people with my Spirit.  I have totally trusted Cara to assist me in getting well.  She has a very sweet essence and she weaves authenticity, integrity and intention into her practice.  She supports without expectations, nurtures a “safe” relationship and is always growing in the areas that can help her to be a more effective and compelling practitioner of the healing arts.  She is brave.  She is a natural healer and possesses enlightened spiritual energy.  I hope to work with her the rest of my life.

- Sunny L

My entire life, as far back as I can really remember I have been plagued with anxiety and feelings of fear. Sometimes very severe, sometimes minimal, but ALWAYS enough for me to be aware it is there. I have taken medication for this, however, the side effects of such medications are countless and the idea of being dependent on something for the rest of my life was not something I was willing to take on. So I stopped. I have tried everything. At one point in my life self medicating with drugs and alcohol to take the "edge" off of this. I am fully functional. Looking at me most would never know that I have had this battle going on inside of me, but I do, and its painful and lonely. 

I was first introduced to Reiki by overhearing a conversation in passing. It caught my attention and I listened. That is all. It wasn't until I approached Cara and told her of my personal battle that Reiki became a personal experience. She was referred to me from someone that I know and their experience was not only positive but also life changing. In my first session with Cara, I was nervous, and convinced that it would not impact, affect, nor change anything about me, But I sure hoped it would. I laid down and thus began our first Reiki Session. It is hard to explain the feelings and sensations that came through my body. Like currents of energy penetrating my insides. Absolute calm eventually came over me and I was peaceful. I laid there in a semi aware state with my eyes closed and could  not believe it. My body, inside and out, felt free. I had several sessions with Cara, and each time I focused on ridding myself of the fear and anxiety. And each time I felt the affect more and more. I actually began smiling more. Because of my location, I am in CA, my sessions with her have not been able to be consistent, however, I am looking forward to Cara working with me again. Its been 3 months since I last had Reiki, and I can say with absolute certainty that the amount of anxiety in my life, has been reduced. I am so grateful to have someone that I feel so comfortable with to be able to help me on my journey. I have been blessed and am very grateful.

- Vanessa J.

Migraines have been a part of my life since adolescence.  I was unsure if reiki could help but was willing to try.  Cara is altruistic and open yet also very grounded and humble.  Her sense of humor adds to the experience.  From the first visit, I felt lighter.  After learning more about reiki from my neurologist and the recognized connection of holistic healing in the medical field, I felt even more reassurance that I was on the right path.  Cara has a gift and after a few more visits, she shared things about me that no one else had access to.  Trauma from the past directly affects one physically and these buried events can cause chronic pain.  Reiki can bring these events to light and more importantly, discard them permanently, helping to free an individual from pain.  Thank goodness for Cara, her humility and her ability.

- Michelle H.

When I first met Cara I had been on medications for chronic symptoms for years and felt completely lost. She immediately picked up on that and helped me to feel at peace.  After working with Cara over the past few months I can truly say that I am not the same person I was before I met her. I have been able to stop taking all of the medications that I had been on, and I have a much better idea of who I am and what I am here to do.  I feel much more at ease and comfortable in my body. The changes have been gradual and peaceful but at the same time extremely significant.  I feel like a new person both mentally and physically!


I'm extremely grateful that Cara has chosen to help others with her amazing intuitive and healing abilities.


- Alyssa C.

Cara's developed skill and natural intuition is excellent.  In just a few sessions she helped me heal trauma that has plagued me for decades.  I hope others have the opportunity to experience Cara's blessings as I have.  Thank you, Cara.

- Julie G.

I had the pleasure of receiving a treatment from Cara Johnson in April of 2013. Being a Licensed Counselor, Certified Chi Kung Practitioner, and seasoned energy worker, I was greatly impressed by her level of skill, energy sensitivity, ability to generate healing chi, and mastery of the Reiki discipline. Cara has a natural gift of healing and ability that I have seldom found in practitioners from other healing disciplines and modalities. Her kind and caring nature put me at ease immediately. Her sincerity was clearly evident, creating a safe ambiance in which I received one of the greatest healing sessions of my life! I trusted Cara immediately even through it was our first meeting. I fully endorse this young woman's healing practice and plan to receive many more future treatments.

- Namaste' Jason R. Yadley MPNA, LADAC, LADC, CACIII

Having never had Reiki, I had no idea what to expect...but I knew immediately from Cara's calming yet energetic presense that this was going to be something amazing. I went into this session with many body issues weighing me down, as well as a lacking belief in my lovability. It's something you will have to experience for yourself, but I can testify to the fact that I am inherently changed after this experience. I felt complete love and I discovered self love. During the experience, she removed "things I no longer needed, that were no longer serving me" and I felt it happen energetically. She has a purity to her practice, a pure love that needs to be seen to be believed. When she told me something about myself, it clicked and it was an awakening moment for me, something I will never forget.

- Kristy E.

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