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MAKE IT SACRED: 5 Tips for Creating Sacred Space

I’m sure you’ve heard the adage – As Above So Below – which is just a really clever way of saying that what happens here on Earth is reflected in the astral planes. (Buckle up cuz we are on the woo-woo train throughout this post!). But there are some other interpretations layered in this phrase – notably the duality of our world. Specifically, that the microcosm (your internal world like feelings/connection to self) are reflected/impacted by the macrocosm (your external world like your personal space) and vice versa. And it’s this universal truth that I want to highlight as the “why” behind creating Sacred Space before I walk you thru the how (bear with me).

Let’s start by defining Sacred Space. As a phrase it sounds especially woo-woo but – in truth - most folks don’t quite understand what it means. It’s not about erecting a meditation center in your home (although that would be super cool!) or creating a towering altar of every spiritual tchotchke you can get your new-age hands on (although that also sounds pretty cool), it’s about energetically framing *any* area or space (that you choose) as the place you go to connect within (with or without singing bowls, dream catchers, crystals, buddha statues, etc, etc, etc). Again, I’m gunna tap the *why* here. When we create a space that has a vibration of spiritual centeredness – it helps us go into spiritual centeredness (as above so below). Put simply, it’s a lot easier to meditate in a garden than a Taco Bell and you can create the vibe of a garden *in* a Taco Bell! (Mind blowing – LOL)

So, now it’s time to rock the How.

Choose the Spot

This step usually throws most folks. Why? Cuz they think they need to dedicate an entire room (or wing) in their home to sacred-ing and they either don’t have the space or don’t want to go thru the whole ordeal of trying to make room. Here’s the skinny – any space can be turned into something sacred – the goal isn’t maximum square footage, it’s about intention. Specifically, it’s about being able to claim a room, a closet, an alcove, a corner – a spot – where all you do there is slow down and go in. Don’t even have a corner you can dedicate (I live in a shoe box, Cara!)? No worries. Make a Mesa. Huh? A Mesa is Shaman-talk for portable altar. It usually consists of a large-ish (typically square) cloth you use to bundle your spiritual doo-dads (more on that in the next step) and when you’re ready to get sacred – you pick a quiet spot, unfold the bundle, arrange your spiritual items and voila! you have created your sacred spot. This is a really great way to stay sacred when you are on the go. Got a bigger pad or have room for a more rooted spot – great. Look for space in your home that has neutral energy (ie not your bed or your kitchen) and ideally a place where you can disconnect from others (close a door and feel contained). Once you pick your spot, you’re ready to make it vibey!

Create the Vibe

Now you’re ready to create the aesthetics (breaking out the big word) of your sacred space! This is fancy talk for making your chosen spot (or Mesa) super vibey. And the rule of them is if you attend to all the senses – you will knock this step out of the park. What do I mean by attend the senses? Choose aesthetics (that $5 word again) that amplify the sacred mood – which means you will be focused on Sight, Sound, Smell & Touch.



Bring your eye into the design of your sacred spot by choosing a look that makes you feel both spiritually calm and inspired. This includes meaningful artwork, spiritual symbols, plants and/or flowers, inspirational quotes or words, furnishings and a color palette that exude warmth and peacefulness, lighting, meaningful books, etc. And no need to overthink it. Even a simple altar (or Mesa) with a few choice spiritually meaningful pieces can help you drop in.



Can you actually *hear* sacred space? Perhaps. But this really points to adding resonance to your sacred space thru music or silence. With that, be sure your sacred spot is not competing with the noise/chatter from the rest of your home and if so – time your connection in your spot to when noise/chaos is at a minimum and/or be prepared to play music in your space either with singing bowls, drums or meditation music via a playlist. Other powerful sound for creating sacred space is nature sounds – ocean, rain, birds, fire, etc. Either play this sound or add a bit of nature to your spot (like a small fountain) Adding resonance will definitely equate to higher vibes in your space.



As many of you may already know – aromatherapy is a powerful healing modality. So it’s no surprise that infusing your sacred spot with scent makes sense (couldn’t help myself there!)

There are a million and one powerful scents that can increase the vibes in your space but a few of my favorites play double duty in that they both raise the vibes *and* clean the vibes of your space. This includes: sage, palo santo, Incense, essential oils and candles.



Because you want your sacred space to feel deliciously inviting, you can’t overlook adding cozy and comfortable into this environment. Choose furniture and furnishings that not only look inviting but also *feel* inviting. Think blanks, pillows, rugs, textiles – remember this is *your* spot – so choose what rocks your comfort zone! If it feels good to connect – then you will be more likely to gravitate to this spot. If it’s an altar or a Mesa you’re setting up – find items that feel good to touch like gem stones, crystals, flower petals, etc. as well as a meditation pillow.



Wanna take your spot to the next sacred level? Infuse it with spiritual symbols that have deep meaning to you like religious momentos, photos of loved ones or spiritual guides/mentors, offering bowls, prayer beads, crystals, etc.

Root the Vibe - Lather, Rinse & Repeat

Now that you’ve set the sacred stage it’s time to root the high vibes of your space with ceremony, prayer, meditation, chanting, drumming, journaling, saging, connecting to your intuition (via oracle cards or a pendulum) and the list goes on and on and on. When we actively connect to our sacred space on a regular basis, we amplify the sacred energy of the space itself as well as our *experience* of the space. This same holds true if you have a portable sacred space like an altar or a Mesa. The more you sit and actively connect, the more your “space” will magnetically draw you within.

Protect the Vibe

Once you’ve set up your space and rooted that incredible vibe, it’s time to protect the vibe. Protect it, you ask – is it in jeopardy? Well, energy – like anything – needs to be kept clean. Put simply, you want to protect the integrity of your space and/or altar. It’s not a place to host a pizza party or use as a craft table (if you have an altar or Mesa). It’s a space you want to reserve for reflection and connection. If you do feel the integrity of your space has been compromised in any way – simply *clean* the energy using Sage or Palo Santo. This is often referred to as Smudging and is the practice of burning Sage or Palo Santo and wafting the smoke around the room.

Rock a (spi)Ritual

Use it or lose it. I’m sure you’ve heard this euphemism once or twice. You can count this as yet another time the cheeky phrase has been wheeled out. If you go to all the time and effort to set up a super juicy sacred space and then fail to *use* the space – it will not only lose its high vibes but will lose its magnetic pull on you. With that, it’s muy importante that you connect with your space on a consistent bases – not only to root the high vibes but also to benefit from the high vibes. This equates to creating a daily and/or weekly and/or monthly ritual you do in your sacred space. Maybe you do a daily meditation in your space or weekly journaling or monthly pendulum sessions or perhaps you host a prayer group in your space or use it a daily spot for decompression. There are endless (spi)ritual options for your space. Commit to at least one you can do consistently and you will never risk losing the power of your sacred spot.

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