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Cara Johnson
Call or Text: 760.585.8807

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All services can be conducted either in the sanctuary of my private spaces in Temecula or Encinitas California or via Skype or FaceTime (utilizing distance healing techniques).


The added benefit of an in-person healing is physical touch.  However, the same level of healing occurs whether we meet in person or via Skype or FaceTime.  And, of course, Psychic Readings and Intuitive Counseling sessions are not conditional on location. This means wherever you are – we can work together.


Free 15-Minute Consultation
If you are new to my services, and/or you are not sure which of my services is best for you, call, email or text me for a free 15-minute consultation.  


Schedule a Session
You can call, email or text me to schedule a session.  Please include your first and last name in the message, how you heard about my services (if you are a new client) and which service you are interested in.  Typically, I get back to scheduling requests within 24 to 48 hours.


What to Expect
All sessions are relaxing, nurturing and non-invasive. Although an immediate sense of peace and relaxation, and even relief from discomfort/pain will typically be felt/experienced during the initial session, some will need multiple sessions (or longer sessions for regression work) to heal from long standing issues and/or conditions.


Private Sessions

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Healing Session

90 min | $300.00

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Intuitive Session

1 hour | $200.00

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Intuitive Session

30 min | $120.00

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Soul Coaching

1 month | $2500.00



Weekly Online Meditation Class

More than just a Guided Meditation Class - these weekly sessions are hour-long energy healing and empowerment exercises where you will be guided to visualize and actualize cleansing, clearing and elevation of your conscious state of awareness.

$20 | Month (recurring charge)

This is a recurring rate and will continue to bill monthly until canceled. Click here to get the information on how to cancel.

Develop & Expand Your Intuition

With this class we are not turning on your intuitive power - you're already intuitive! In this 2-hour intensive, you will learn how to turn UP your intuitive power. Get ready for your new super power!

April 2024 | $150.00

Heal with Healers

Life as a healer can be very demanding on the body and spirit. Often, we tend to focus on the healing of others and neglect our own preciousness. In this one-week intensive you will reconnect, realign and reenergize your healing heart in the soul-connecting city of Cusco, Peru

March 2022 | $2950.00

Soul Sorcery - How To Master Your Magic

This Soul Sorcery 6-week course is designed to rocket launch you forward into discovering your purpose, activating your gifts and actualizing your highest (soul) path. You’ll uncover, invoke & ignite your higher soul self & personal powers so you can claim your all-access pass to woo-woo wizardness.

May 2022 | $599.00

Psychic Development Workshop

This One-day workshop is an activation course on how to discover, strengthen & expand your innate psychic super powers no matter your current abilities. Join us at South Coast Winery for a powerful day! Lunch included.

May 2024| $250.00

Super-Sized Soul Retreat

Inviting all inspired souls to be a part of this 3-Month immersive & spiritual juicy quantum awakening kicking off with a 4-day event in the beautiful portal of Sedona, Arizona.

March 2024 | $2499

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