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The journey through this life is not meant to be a solo experience and for many the root cause of suffering can be found in isolation, loneliness and separateness from others, from self and/or from source. Group events are an opportunity to experience group healing, group love and group joy and to return to the truth that we are all one.


Events include weekend retreats, one-day workshops and (coming soon!) group trips to sacred sites around the world designed to expand your healing experience. 


Below are current events scheduled for 2020. More will be added so tune back in or sign up for my monthly updates and I will keep you posted!

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Weekly Guided Meditation Class

More than just a guided meditation class, these weekly sessions are hour-long energy healing and empowerment exercises where you will be guided to visualize and actualize cleansing, clearing and elevation of your conscious state of awareness. Each week, we will lead you thru a different meditation exercise front-loaded with a short teaching on that class’ focus. Warning – these classes may cause profound healing, expansion of your intuition and manifestation abilities and spiritual awakening!

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Develop & Expand Your Intuition

Everyone has a sixth sense. The trick isn't to turn it on. It’s to turn it UP. In this two-hour intensive I am going to help you crack that 3rd eye wide open and start exploring and trusting the divine guidance known as your inner voice. Following the amazing teaching in Sonia Choquette’s “The Psychic Pathway”, I’ll teach you how to quiet the fear mind and tune into those incredible psychic vibes. Even more you’ll receive a special gift that will help you exercise and strengthen your intuitive ju-ju so you can claim psychic ability.

Stone Tower

Fall Into Yourself (Coming Soon)

A Profound 3-day Weekend Retreat that will crack you open like a coconut and reconnect you to your insanely awesome true power. This one is all about changing your world from the inside out and turning the ho-humness of your life into the dream it was meant to be.

Want to stay informed and in-the-know about these kinds of events?

Sign up for my monthly video series and I will be sure to keep you posted!

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