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LOVE MAGIC: 5 Powerful Ways To Become Irresistible

Let’s face it – when it comes to love - we are a folk obsessed – a people in love with love. How to find it, how to keep it, how to increase it, how to revive it – it’s love that makes our world go round whether returned or unrequited. So, this month – the calendar kickoff for lovers – I’m sharing a few juicy tips for how to take yourself from so-so to super sonic. Use this powerful magic to manifest your heart’s desire this month and revel in the potency of your own passion.

Others say to get and keep the attention, focus – love – of another you gotta love yourself, make eye contact, talk and walk with confidence, ditch shy for bold and dress the part of lover extraordinaire. Can’t deny that these are sure-fire ingredients for some serious love magic. But lemme unpack each of these for you in a way that you can actualize for some serious irresistible impact.

1. Believing Is Beautiful

Love plays in the heart but lives in the mind. Talking truth here, people. What does that mean? If you want to experience love and/or attract love and/or exude love – you have to think thoughts that inspire feelings within yourself of being awesome, incredible, super sexy, irresistible, beautiful, charming – etcetera! It’s not about the great hairdo, the sexy clothes, the hot car or youthful skin, perfect teeth – blah, blah, blah. It’s totally and utterly a mindset. And it’s completely a Field of Dreams vibe. As in – build it (within) and they will come. Thoughts have electrical charge to them – either positive or negative. The more positive charged thoughts you have about your own Uh-mazingness – the more magnetism will be in your energy field that radiates – Uh-mazingness. Put simply – you gotta drink your own Kool-Aid and then people will want your Kool-Aid!

You say – but Cara, I don’t *feel* beautiful, sexy, irresistible – etcetera. Well, of course you don’t. Cuz you are vibing negative thought patterns. Again, you gotta build the castle of your own kick-assness from the ground up and then the party will show up to play in your castle.



For one week (that be seven full days) every morning sit still for 5 minutes and imagine yourself as the most INCREDIBLE version of yourself you can conjure (physically, emotionally and spiritually) and marinate yourself in the idea that – THIS IS ME and people see THIS. This is a bit of soulfully sexy magic to kick start your love month.

2. Silent Movie

In the world of love magic – non-verbal communication is the king of the kingdom. We are talking facial expressions, eye contact, body language – the whole (body) enchilada. So it’s not *really* about what you say. It’s more about what you *don’t* say. Sexy is in the silent communication. Let’s run thru some basics. Smiling. There are inviting smiles, coy smiles, secret smiles (done on the sly so only you two know), happy smiles, confident smiles – these are alllll love magic smile examples. As opposed to insecure smiles (I don’t really like myself but I hope you do), forced smiles (I have to but I don’t

want to), fake smiles (I am waiting for this moment to be over) – or the no smile (which communicates closed for business) Eye contact. Eyes contact can imitate smiling. It can either be inviting (I like you) or discounting (Go away) or non-existent (I don’t exist and/or You don’t exist). Want your eyes to do the talking? Think clearly the thought you want to communicate and then allow your eyes to carry the message. Body language. Open arms, good posture, facing person you want to attract – all powerful sex magic. Arms folded across chest, head down, facing away from person – not so Bueno languaging for creating sex magic.



Take Eye Contact for a spin for one week (Yup, seven whole days). Practice thinking a clear thought of intention/communication and then set your eyes on someone and see if you make connection. Bonus? When you think complimentary thoughts about someone and then set your eyes on them – they will *feel* that energy. If they respond either verbally or non-verbally – they like you!

3. If You Were A Lion

Let’s take the body language part of sex magic to the next level. Sex energy / love energy is a dance between people. It’s a co-mingling of our energetic fields in the grand unified field. I don’t mean the actual act of sex. I mean the attraction between two people. Movement of your body as though you were in a flow, a dance – creates that secret sauce that pulls people’s attention to you. Have you ever watched one of those nature programs that show lions? Boy, do those animals know how to walk with grace, power, prowess and confidence. They move their bodies like dancers (as opposed to say, hyenas). When you learn to own your body movement when you walk so that you are lion-ing your way into the room, across the room – etc. You will gain the positive attention of those around you. Why? It’s magnetic to watch someone own their own space like that. Don’t believe me? Watch a clip of a lion walking and then watch a clip of a hyena walking. Which do you feel drawn to?



Do some powerful field research (for, yes, you guessed it – seven days) and practice Lion-ing your way into a room (walk with grace, confidence, power -etc) versus just ambling into a room any ole way. Note the difference in responses (from within yourself and from others) between the two approaches.

4. Carpe Diem

Don’t speak Latin? Or haven’t seen the movie, Dead Poets Society? Well, Carpe Diem means seize the day and it’s a HUGE ingredient for actualizing your powerful sex magic. It’s about stepping outside your comfort zone and going for it – all in – in the moment. Because, let’s face it – life is happening “in the moment.” How does this play out?

This is about taking risks. It’s about asking that girl out or flirting with that guy. It’s about standing out from the crowd when you usually are trying to blend into the wallpaper. It’s about saying yes! when you normally resort to no. It’s about taking “that moment” and making it your moment. Which means you risk failure, embarrassment, loss, disappointment – all the words you hate. When Love Magic is your North Star – you have to Carpe the F*cking Diem out of your world. Every. Single. Day.



Time to step out of your comfort zone! Get your seven-day courage up and for the next week – each day – TAKE RISKS IN THE MOMENT. Go for it – whole hog. And experience the exhilaration of being alive – in the moment.

5. Play the part

This is the fun part. Cast yourself as the Sexy, Soulful, Seductive, Love-Master in your life and then costume your character. Straight up – buy the clothes, get the hairdo, the makeup, shoes, underwear – etcetera that showcases your incredible character. Why? Because when you dress the part – you *feel* the part! Watch any documentary on actors and what helps them get into character and it is A LOT about the costume. Same is true in life. Doesn’t mean distorting yourself with plastic surgery or trying to hide yourself behind makeup (if you still have this mindset – go back to step one and lather-rinse-and repeat on that for a bit longer). Remember – you are what you *think* you are! This is about showing up and looking the part of the dashing sex/love magnet that you are – it’s an extension of what you think and feel inside and dressing the part helps deepen those thoughts and feelings. Deeper thoughts – more magnetism. Again, this isn’t about hiding behind a mask – it’s about actualizing yourself body and soul.



Sit down and map out – what makes you feel soulfully sexy? What clothes? What hairstyle? What makeup? What shoes? What undies? Put together a lookbook in your mind of what that is and for a week – take this new look for a test drive. See how you like what it says about you! The more you like you – the more soulfully sexy you will be to others!

Bonus: Maca Magic

If you feel that your sexual vitality pilot light has been snuffed out – there is one more piece of magic that can help. It comes in a powder called – Maca. This is from a plant native to Peru and it’s been known to enhance fertility and sex drive. Thank you, Mother Earth! Extras on this? It has also been known to relieve symptoms of menopause, improve moods, boost sports performance and energy, and improve learning and memory. Wowzer. Wanna learn more – check out this link:


So there you are – 5 amazing ways to become irresistible! Easy peasy – when you walk the steps! Feeling like you want a bit more direction, guidance, insight and/or help? Check out my Sex Magic Kit for a Video Tutorial, a daily Meditation and an e-Guide on how to rock your own personal love power!

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