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DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE: 7 Ways to Manifest More

More. It seems to be a central theme in all of our lives. Not that we are experiencing it but that we are wishing for it / hoping for it / praying for it / begging for it / lamenting when we feel we are lacking it – you get the picture.

What is this more that I speak of? Well, like – more money, more time, more love, more sex, more coffee (LOL – that’s one of my dailies), more health, more vitality, more hair (another of mine, Haha!), more validation, more success, more help, more respect, more attention, more adventure, more travel – you see where I’m leading you here.

So, the great eternal question is – how? I know many of you have Secreted yourself, Abraham-Hicked Yourself, Agape’d yourself, Affirmation’d yourself, Meditated until your buns felt blue – and still, here you sit, in the vibration I like to call the Oliver Twist – “More, please. Can I have some more?” Eyes wide, woefully hopeful, yet beaten down from a life of experiencing less.

So back to that whopper question. How? Prepare to be dazzled by the sheer simplicity of magnetizing more into your world. Below are 7 steps that when you lather-rinse-and repeat – will turn you into a Magical Manifester.

1.) Get Vibey With It

Up till now, it may have seemed like a summit of Mount Everest to attain this elusive More. But therein lies the first challenge to creating More. The idea that it has to be hard and/or a struggle that you must conquer in order for you to “earn” or “deserve” the More. In truth – it is no more a struggle or challenge to manifest more than it is to breathe. In fact, it is just as innate. Why? Because we are vibratory beings. Therefore – you only need to focus on raising your vibration to attract (magnetize) the More you seek. Said simply – cultivate joy. How, you may ask? Gratitude the be-jeez out of our daily world. Find *every* opportunity to experience thankfulness. Not that fakey kind – with one eye peeking up hoping your (in)sincere gratitude was deposited into your bank account of give-me-what-I-am-asking-for-(right now, damnit) – but by truly taking a deep centering breath and then scanning the world you are in to find all that is super awesome. Even if all you can come up with is – I have 10 toes (not 7, not 12). Yay for moi! Why? Cuz your gratitude vibe converts into a joy vibe which then opens the Uni-floodgates for…you guessed it, MORE.

2.) Imagine Dragon

And now you may be saying to yourself - big whoopey deal – I manifested a Quarter - not quite the “More” I had in mind. Stay Golden, Pony Boy! The same juice you used to create the Quarter is the same you will use to create that trip to Barbados or that new job or that new relationship, etc. Which leads me to the next challenge in manifesting more – the thought that the bigger the ask, the bigger the challenge in getting it. Again, the vibe you are putting out with that thought is creating the scenario you are experiencing. Or said another way – with that thought you are manifesting the reality that the bigger the ask, the bigger the challenge in getting it. So congrats again! You are manifesting! Just not in the way you may have intended. The antidote to that kind of poisoned thinking? Simply imagine yourself with the More you are intending (or having the More you are intending) and experience it as if it is real – right now. I call this step Imagine Dragon cuz you need to put some fire behind that imagining – some passion. Some FEELINGS. Again, those strong vibey feelings of having whatever it is you are More-ing will override those limiting thoughts that the bigger the ask, the bigger the challenge. Do this step right before bed every night. Why? So your kick-ass subconscious can offer some super-hero support to your More vision while you are sleeping.

3.) Flow and Go

This one is sooooo easy. You want More? You gotta flow, baby. Meaning – you gotta relax your clenched fear-fist on what you already have otherwise the vibe you are putting out isn’t about More, it’s about Less. Example. You want more money? Don’t go around talking about how broke you are or worrying about how broke you are or obsessing about how broke you are. You lather-rinse-and repeat Step One and gratitude anything that won’t crawl away from you and move on to Step Two and call on your Imagine Dragon and then – flowwwwww and go as if allll is well. Cuz, it is, Magical Manifester.

4.) Expand Your Dream

So now we are going to touch on what you are More-ing. To be more specific – check your More. Are you focused on what you think you *can* achieve? (This is a Less thought costumed in More clothing) Or is the More you’re focused on truly what would light your soul on fire? (even if you have no rational idea of how you would get it) If you’re lessing your More it’s time to expand your dream. Step back into the ring with your Imagine Dragon and have fun exploring a More that would make your toes tingle. Why? Cuz the Uni is a Grand Wizard and loves to show off. If you put your heart’s desire into your More – well then, More you will have!

5.) Play Kick-the-Can

You know what’s awesome about kids? They haven’t learned that they can’t, they shouldn’t, they won’t, there isn’t – in fact, the exact opposite. Everything and anything isn’t just possible – it’s anticipated! Time to take a page from their playbook. Need some energetic help? Get in touch with your inner kiddo. Go do something that you *absolutely* loved doing when you were young. Something that made your heart sing. And then marinate in those vibes! When you return to the world of wonder – guess what? Yah, More comes!

6.) White Glove Treatment

You know what the definition of white glove treatment is? Handle with exceptional care and attention. And that’s what your More needs. Specifically, don’t go seeking that delicious validation that your More is possible by throwing it in front of everyone and anyone who will give you the time of day. A lot of folks are mired in the Less of their world so they don’t have the heart to hear of your More and validate anything other than – No way, Jose. So, handle your More with great care and attention. Pick and choose who you share your More with knowing that – ultimately – it’s not up to them to decide. Its only up to you, Magical Manifester.

7.) And, Action!

Last, but certainly not least, is the step I like to call – Dancing with your dream. What do I mean? Well, let’s say your More is to meet that man (or woman) of your dreams and you work 90 hours a week and spend most of that time couped up in your house like a (lovable) recluse. Hmmm. How will you manifest your More if you don’t take the action steps to put yourself out there? Last time I checked, storks don’t deliver babies or boyfriends (girlfriends) so yer gunna have to dance with your dream. You’re gunna have to take some action! So, once you’ve run thru Steps One to Six (several times if necessary), it’s time to take stock in what you are looking to manifest and lean into the action steps – joyfully, thankfully, full of kiddie-wonder. Don’t worry – the Uni won’t leave you all by your lonesome on this one. Tap into your intuition – the Universe’s way of connecting with you – and take the guidance that comes thru! Not sure how to tap into your intuition? Looks like you’ve already manifested this step. How do I know this? Cuz you’re reading this blog, written by a girl who knows the ins/outs of intuition and can give you some amazing support! You’re already closer to More than you realize!

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