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Body, Mind & Spirit Activation Event

Inspired Soul, I invite you to be a part of this immersive and spiritually juicy quantum awakening!

This catalystic 3-month course led by high-level healer teachers kicks off in March 2024 with a 4-day event in the beautiful spiritual portal of Sedona’s energetic grid. Through sacred ceremony and practices including plant medicine, kundalini yoga, biofield tuning, breathwork, psychic development, dream traveling and more, you’ll learn powerful techniques for releasing limitations and experience advancement into higher consciousness.


If you’re ready to uncover and uplevel your soul goals & purpose and take your life to the next level, this course is for you! Know that we are keeping this event small and intimate so we can focus on each of you while fostering connection, so space is limited.  Feel this one calling your name?  We are so excited to have you!  Read on for more details...

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Super-sized Soul:

Quantum Awakening in Sedona

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What You Can Expect To Experience in This Course:

  • Ignite Your Soul Purpose / Path

  • Unleash Your High-Vibe Powers

  • Uncover/Release/Recode Old (Limiting) Fear Patterns Impacting Your Body/Mind/Spirit

  • Tap Into Your Kundalini Power in Your Subtle Energy Body & Learn How To Expand It

  • Connect Vibrationally to the Magnetic Power of Mother Earth & Learn to Harness this Power

  • Demolish Your Comfort Zone to Achieve the Unlimited

  • Learn Dream Traveling Techniques to Awaken to Unlimited

  • Clear / Activate Your 5th Chakra for Powerful Communication & Manifestation

  • Unlock / Expand Your Psychic Abilities

  • Tap Into The Quantum Field For Vertical Expansion

  • Expand Your Soul Path for Higher Impact on Humanity/Earth

  • And More…

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The Training to Support Your Expanstion:

  • Quantum Psychology tools focused on cosmic expansion

  • Dream-traveling exercises to support OOB experiences

  • Psychic Development techniques for quantum manifestation

  • Kundalini Awakening class & techniques

  • Somatic Breath Healing class & techniques

  • Sound Healing class & Biofield Tuning techniques

  • Sacred Plant Ceremony

  • Live bi-monthly Zoom integration sessions after Sedona kick-off

  • Access to private Facebook group for sharing & support

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A Quick Look at the   Sedona Event & Integration

In Sedona we will be focused on Body / Mind / Spirit

Day One: Thursday, March 28th

Event Kick-off at Sedona Retreat Center: 4pm 

  • Breath Grounding

  • Meet & Great with Attendees and Healer / Teachers

  • Sacred Opening of Retreat with Sound Healing

  • Group Dinner

  • Get settled in the Retreat Center


Day Two: Friday, March 29th

Body / Mind / Spirit: Unlock Your Super Power 

  • 7am - 9am: Breakfast

  • 9am - 10am: Power Of Breath To Expand &. Exercise

  • 10:30am - Noon: Sound Activation with Biofield Tuning

  • Noon - 1pm: Lunch

  • 1pm -  3pm: Kundalini Rising & The Dimensional Body

  • 3pm: Break

  • 3:30pm - 4:30pm: Dream Traveling & Psychic Power Activation

  • 5pm - 7pm: Dinner

Your Time In Sedona Will Be Immersive & Potent

Day Three: Saturday, March 30th

Sacred Plant Medicine: Opening The Heart 

  • There will not be breakfast today due to the Plant Medicine

  • 9am:  Sound Centering

  • 10am: Ceremony Kick-off

  • 5pm - 7pm: Dinner

Bonus: Reiki Healing will be provided to all throughout the ceremony

Day Four: Sunday, March 31st

Group Connection & Wrap Up: Focus Forward to Integration

  • Breakfast & Pack: 7am - 9am

  • 9am: Open Circle Prayer & Group Sharing

  • 10am: Vertical Horizon & The Quantum Mind

  • 11am: Group Sound Healing

  • 11:30am: Q&A

Integration: April - June


Bi-weekly Zoom Sessions: Sundays at 4pm PT

  • Kicking off Sunday, April 14th and continuing every other week for 6 Sessions

  • Integration Sessions will be 60-min but can be adjusted depending on group demand

  • Some of the Sedona Retreat Healer / Teachers will drop into these sessions

Bonus: Discounted Rate for one-on-one work with Cara if needed

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Learn More About the Healers/Teachers

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Cara Johnson

As a seasoned Empathic, Intuitive Healer, I offer Reiki Energy Healing as well as Intuitive Readings and Mediumship. As a highly sensitive Clairvoyant, Clairaudient & Clairsentient since childhood, I am able to see, hear & feel what most others don't. For over two decades I've been focused on helping people heal body, mind & spirit  and now I'm excited to bring my skills as a Healer to help you transcend during this amazing event!

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Lesley Myburgh

This Medicine woman, (frequently referred to as “La Gringa”) is originally from South Africa and first came to Peru in 1991 during which time she started working with San Pedro. Her dedication to this miraculous plant and her tireless devotion to spreading its teaching and administering its healing, have earned her respect worldwide. 

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Iben Larssen

As a gifted Quantum Psychologist for more than 35 years, Iben has helped thousands discover and heal blockages & programming preventing actualization of the highest self. She is also an advanced Psychedelic Integration Specialist, Reiki Master & excels at Cranial Sacral therapy, Resonance Therapy, Polarity Work, Chakra Balancing, Brain Balancing and Channeling.

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Karen Awad

As an advanced and incredibly gifted Sound Healer, Karen uses sound science to regenerate cells and soul. With a specialty in Biofield Tuning, Karen uses specific tuning fork protocols to recalibrate the energy body and return it to balanced equilibrium. As she dives deeply into the field, she uses the principals of resonance and harmonics to identify where there are disturbances & then harmonizes the body, mind & spirit.

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Lena Servin

As a former Trauma Nurse for over 20+ years and the Founder/Owner of the Serenity Cove in Temecula - Lena is well versed in the art of body, mind & spiritual healing.

In addition to her Trauma experience,  she is also a Somatic Release Breathwork Specialist, a Yoga Instructor & a Facilitator of Compassionate Inquiry which she uses often in her one-on-one Transformational Life Coaching.


Lena's Soul Purpose is to be of highest service to those looking to heal & expand. 

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Kim Stern

As an advanced teacher of Kundalini Yoga, Kim has been teaching for over 9 years & practicing for over 20 years and now brings her amazing insight. & gifts to her students. In addition to Yoga, Kim is also a Sound Healer, a Reiki Healer, an Applied Clinical Nutritionist & a Life Coach. She's taught thousands of classes and experienced first hand the undeniable, palpable & powerful impacts of Kundalini Yoga

Sign up by January 31st and receive a free one-hour Healing Session!

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