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A life-changing course with Cara Johnson

Precious One, I invite you to ignite your powerful personal magic and actualize your highest life.

Suffering the Goldilocks dilemma? Nothing quite right? Or perhaps you’re dizzy from the monotony of the hamster wheel you keep turning with your life. Or maybe you’ve been wading knee-deep in spiritual hoo-haw but can’t seem to navigate to the deeper end of the pool? Or you are in the deeper spiritual waters but still can’t seem to exalt to higher levels. Where ever you are standing in your own evolution – this course is a kung-fu kick to the door of your powerful personal magic.


This Soul Sorcery course is designed as a 6-week training but is really a self-paced journey that will rocket launch you forward into discovering your purpose, activating your gifts and actualizing your highest (soul) path. You’ll uncover, invoke & ignite your higher soul self & personal powers so you can claim your all-access pass to woo-woo wizardness. Plain English? You’re gunna learn some super potent woo-woo stuff on how to unleash & empower your high-vibe self so you can create your best (magical) life. And then you’re gunna actualize your new power.


What this course isn’t: voodoo eye-of-newt howl at the full moon while clutching your crystal course. What this is – potent, actionable and activating SOUL-full architecture for redesigning YOU.

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Soul Sorcery:

How To Master Your Magic

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It’s time (once & for all) to ditch your smallness, your fear-full, your old (and limiting), and your uninspired for MORE.


The clock is ticking people and life (our time) is precious. (Thank you, Covid, for that powerful reminder!) How do you want to spend your days/weeks/months with this precious thing called your life? How do you want to *experience* this precious thing called – your life? What influence / impact / importance do you want to have with your beautiful life? Bigger question – are you doing it right now?

Welcome to the architecture behind the MORE you’ve been looking for.


With this course, you will dramatically increase your vibration so you can return to powerful soul alignment in every area of your life. What does that give you? Oh, only all the juicy spiritual cash & prizes like daily miracles, awe-inspiring synchronicity and flow, unlimited abundance, magical love life, powerful personal mojo, wizardy-levels of woo-wooness, Thor-like drop down onto your Soul path and the list goes on. And this ain’t no Tony Robbins online seminar (No offense, Tony). This is a step-by-step, breaking it down so you can release, recode and rebuild yourself from in to out – hands on (and up to your elbows in) course. It’s like a life manual for how to turn on / up your Soul Magic.

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Image by Rachael Crowe

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That! (Hmmm, take a closer look at how I set this up)


Don’t worry – you won’t have to chain yourself to a tech device at specific times for a specific amount of time to get the specific outcome. (Ain’t nobody got time for THAT.) Yah, I designed the course to be a 6-week journey to the magical MORE (wanna get you moving forward!) but this is a play-at-your-own-pace experience which means you can go as fast or as slow as you want thru all the material (videos, meditations, guides, activities, group access, etc). And you can lather, rinse & repeat at any time in case you need another go (or two) for deeper understanding & actualization.

Oh no, not another Online Course – I need Human Interaction & Group Vibing!


This is not another static / one-dimensional Zoom recording that tram-rides you thru content. Along with video tutorials, meditations, guides, exercises, etc will be weekly live calls that you can join for interactive Q&A, group sharing & bonus material including guest teachers. All the live calls/material will be recorded so if you can’t attend live – you’ll still get unlimited access to this additional info / insight. You also get infinite access to all the other attendees via a private Facebook page so you can get that delicious group experience while you navigate your personal path to reawakening your Soul Sorcery. Know that I have energetically/dimensionally coded this course to spark deep connection so that you can seed & grow your highest soul intention. And no matter where you are – you can access this powerful course. Review, Replay, and Reconnect anytime/anywhere making your path to your unlimited soul magic – well, unlimited!

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What You Can Expect To Experience in This Course:

  • Discover Your Soul Purpose / Path

  • Ignite Your Higher Soul Code / Path

  • Unleash Your High-Vibe Powers

  • Uncover/Release/Recode Old (Limiting) Fear Patterns Impacting Your Body/Mind/Spirit – including Past Life Patterns still impacting your current incarnation

  • Awaken Your Kundalini Power in Your Subtle Energy Body

  • Connect Vibrationally to the Magnetic Power of Mother Earth & Learn to Harness this Power

  • Awaken/Expand Your Sex Magic

  • Demolish Your Comfort Zone to Achieve the Unlimited

  • Learn Dream Traveling Techniques to Awaken to Unlimited

  • Clear / Activate Your 5th Chakra for Powerful Communication & Manifestation

  • Unlock / Expand Your Psychic Abilities

  • Expand Your Soul Path for Higher Impact on Humanity/Earth

  • And More…

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Your Training Tools For This 6-Week Course:

  • Video Tutorials

  • Meditations

  • eGuides with exercises & activities

  • Inspirational stories

  • Sound Healings

  • Master Teacher Bonus Classes

  • Sacred Ceremony

  • Live Weekly Facebook Q&A sessions

  • Access to private Facebook group for sharing & support

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A Quick Look at the Modules in this Course!

First Two Weeks we will be focused on Body / Mind / Spirit

Week One:

Body: (What’s the) Matter – Issues in the Tissue

  • Listening to the body so you can inhabit the skin you’re in

  • Chakras explained & expanded

  • What is Kundalini and why you want to awaken it

  • Earth Mother as a frequency for realignment - Plant Medicine / Earth Medicine

  • Earth as a body to ignite & open your body – Minerals & Elements

  • Grounding & balance – foundation exercises for Root Chakra

  • Introduction to Sex Magic – igniting the pilot light of your own infinite power

  • Lesley Myburgh Guest Teacher


Mind: Thought Shift – Connecting Right & Left Brain for Warp Speed Manifesting & Soul Connection

  • Active vs Reactive & Atomic Power of Neutral Mind

  • Sacred Geometry & Non-Local Mind

  • Introduction into Quantum Psychology and the higher Soul code with right & left brain cohesion

  • Cellular Memory Reprogramming

  • Body Intelligence Code (de-coding binary language of the body)

  • Breathe Technique to connect right/left brain

  • Embodying & Navigating the transition from Old Paradigm to New

  • Focus the mind & the radio stations/elevator/dimensions/densities

  • Transition path from Horizontal to Vertical Awareness/Beingness

  • Astrology and microcosm/macrocosm

  • Iben Larssen Guest Teacher

Week Two:

Spirit: Unlock Your Super Power – Beginning Steps to Powering Intuition & Non-local Consciousness

  • Soul Architecture

  • Human Design

  • Discovering your Star Seed Roots

  • Sacred Rites and Rituals & Ceremony

  • Sound Frequency as a powerful energy amplifier

  • Signs & Sacred Symbols to interpret Soul communication

  • Self hypnosis & affirmations to train the subconscious

  • Sacred geometry activation for co-creation with divine

  • Color power, personal algorithms & more

  • Stephanie Simms Guest Teacher

Next Two Weeks we will be focused on Awakening & Turbo Fueling Passion

Week Three:

Root to Crown: Connecting the finite to the infinite

  • Intro to Kundalini Power & Kundalini Yoga – The Path to Soul Awareness

  • Breath, Mudras, Mantras & Postures - Body / Mind / Spirit Connection

  • Kundalini Awakening – Opening Soul Energy Exercise

  • Darshan Khalsa - Guest Teacher

2nd Chakra: The Physics of Fire - Finding the Spark and Expanding It

  • Amplification Tools – Crystals / Earth Elements / More

  • Awakening the Serpent – Ancient Druid Practice of Sex Magic

  • Sex Magic – deeper exploration & expansion in how to direct your potent sex energy for powerful creation


3rd Chakra: Demolishing Your Comfort Zone - Push the Boundaries of What (you think) is Possible

  • What is holding you back? Defining your deep-rooted limitations

  • Outline of fears both rational & irrational

  • The Children within > Redefining Trauma – Mapping Exercise

  • Releasing & Recoding the past > Regression as a release tool

  • Recoding your Self-Acceptance & Self Esteem

  • Amplifying the frequency of your confidence

  • Wayne Johnson - Guest Teacher

Bonus: Actualization Architecture - Learn to (powerfully) leap before you look


Week Four:

4th Chakra: Make Love To Yourself and Your Dreams

  • Dream building – putting desire into form

  • Expanding unlimited actualization - bringing Sex Magic to the Heart

  • Advanced Kundalini Exercise

  • Opening to higher sensitivity - Clairsentience & the Empathic Path

  • Harnessing & Using Your Empathic Abilities

  • Self-Love vs Sacrificing Love

  • Heart opening plant & earth medicines & integration paths

Bonus: Remote Connection – Using the universal field & heart power to help/heal/open

Final Two Weeks we will be focused on Cultivating Your Unicorn Powers

Week Five:

5th Chakra: Expression – The Power of Deep Listening & Authentic Communication

  • The throat as the most powerful release valve

  • Om – The power of the chant

  • Mantra – The power of encoded vibration

  • Singing / Toning / Resonating – The power of vibrational release

  • Speaking truth to release energetic (emotional) congestion

  • The power of words to shrink or expand energy & awareness

  • Clairaudience as an intuitive power – how to harness & expand

  • Opening up the throat channel to higher mind/wisdom

  • The power of forgiveness & gratitude resonation in the 5th Chakra

Bonus: Reciprocation – The Sacred Power of Giving & Gratitude - Give Out to Get Back


Week Six:

6th Chakra: Intuition – Get Witchy with It

  • Pineal Gland - what it is & how to activate it

  • Unicorn Horn – multi-dimensional awakening between 7th & 6th Chakra point

  • Expanding Visions / Dreams thru 6th Chakra channel

  • Vision & Dream interpretation – the language of symbols & color

  • Meditation as a expansion tool for 6th Chakra

  • Auras & Angels

  • Clairvoyance as an intuitive power – how to harness & expand

  • Sandra Nixon – Guest Teacher

Bonus: Seeing Is Believing – Visualize and Materialize


7th Chakra: Life is a Lucid Dream - Wake Up & Create

  • Defining & expanding the concept of time & space

  • Dream-traveling - astral projection & out-of-body traveling to higher dimensions

  • Expanding the present moment to infinite – changing the frequency of matter

  • Archangels / Guides / Dimensional Beings / Star Family connections

  • Accessing the Universal Field

Bonus: Expanding Your Soul Magic for the benefit of Earth/Humanity

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Learn More About the Healers/Teachers

Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 1.46.04 PM.png
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Cara Johnson

As a seasoned Empathic, Intuitive Healer, I offer Reiki Energy Healing as well as Intuitive Readings and Mediumship. As a highly sensitive Clairvoyant, Clairaudient & Clairsentient since childhood, I am able to see, hear & feel what most others don't. For nearly a decade I've been focused on helping people heal body, mind & spirit  and now I'm excited to bring my skills as a Healer to help you transcend during this amazing event!

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Lesley Myburgh

This Medicine woman, (frequently referred to as “La Gringa”) is originally from South Africa and first came to Peru in 1991 during which time she started working with San Pedro. Her dedication to this miraculous plant and her tireless devotion to spreading its teaching and administering its healing, have earned her respect worldwide. 

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Wayne Johnson

As a gifted Empath & Regression Therapist for more than 50 years, Wayne Johnson has helped thousands heal from deep rooted trauma and pain. While he has worked on all levels of trauma for people of all ages, his areas of specialty include Death, Divorce and Sexual Abuse. Thru Trauma Mapping and other powerful techniques, Wayne is able to offer profound healing.

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Stephanie Salt

As a Corporate Shaman and high-level intuitive, Stephanie Salt weaves the underlying matrices of intuition, subtle energy, and concise numerological patterns along with powerful soul architecture activation techniques to help you awaken to your soul path. She will be on hand to teach activation techniques and provide insight and direction.

Iben Larssen.png
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Iben Larssen

As a quantum psychologist, multi-dimensional life coach, teacher and intuitive astrologer, Iben Larssen brings a unique perspective and combination of ancient and modern healing methods. She provides tools that go beyond understanding, into the very “knowing of self” in a multi-dimensional awareness.

Born in Denmark, she has traveled the world for over 20 years teaching diverse ways humans of different cultures approach healing and wellness.

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Darshan Khalsa

As an advanced teacher of Kundalini Yoga, Darshan Khalsa brings over 45 years of experience including years of study with Yogi Bhajan, who first brought Kundalini Yoga to the West. She is also a Sikh Minister, a practitioner of the healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan, and a seasoned Past Life Regression Therapist. She is grateful for the opportunity to share her wisdom.

Sign up by July 15th and receive a free one-hour Healing Session!

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