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Magical Manifester

Magical Manifester

More. It seems to be a central theme in all of our lives. Not that we are experiencing it but that we are wishing for it / hoping for it / praying for it / begging for it / lamenting when we feel we are lacking it – you get the picture.


So, the great eternal question is – how? I know many of you have Secreted yourself, Abraham-Hicked Yourself, Agape’d yourself, Affirmation’d yourself, Meditated until your buns felt blue – and still, here you sit, in the vibration I like to call the Oliver Twist – “More, please. Can I have some more?” Eyes wide, woefully hopeful, yet beaten down from a life of experiencing less.


So back to that whopper question. How? Prepare to be dazzled by the sheer simplicity of magnetizing more into your world. In this kit I’ll walk you thru 10 ridiculously powerful ways to turn yourself into a magical magnet for more! You’ll get a video tutorial, a guided meditation and an eGuide filled with juicy exercises that when you lather-rinse-and repeat – will turn you into a Magical Manifester. Ready for your healthy heaping serving of more?!

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