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Inner Child Kit

Inner Child Kit

No one goes thru childhood without suffering. From the moment our spirit begins the journey here on Earth, we are experiencing the world thru constant waves of thoughts, emotions and feelings in our bodies. And as this world is ever changing, often chaotic and rife with ups and downs, suffering often follows these waves of experience.


Even more - as babies and children, we are hyper-sensitive and deeply impressionable to the words, emotions and actions of those around us – especially our parents and/or caretakers and our families - as we look to them for love and validation. Wounds form in the imperfect reflections we receive from loved ones and world around us during this impressionable time and the imprints from these wounds follow us into adulthood creating negative patterns that rob us of joy and connection.


In this kit, I share a powerful path to Inner Child healing. You’ll receive a detailed video tutorial, a guided meditation, an eGuide packed with exercises and – as a bonus – a profound interview with a top Regression Therapist. All this to help you return to wholeness and self-love. It’s time to heal your past!

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