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GET HIGH: 10 Ways To Raise Your Vibration

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Let’s kick this off with some detail around the word “vibration” and why raising it is a worthy focus. Here’s the deal. You, my friend, are a vibrational being. Nothing woo-woo in that statement - truly. This is science. You are a composite of vibrational fields that have notable (verifiable) resonance. Your body – looks solid, feels solid – isn’t really solid. At the atomic level, your body is wave and light – frequency. You also have an emotional body – again, it’s a frequency. You know this already on a deeper level as you’ve been around folks who are vibing low (depressed, sad, angry, bored, etc.) and who are vibing high (happy, joyful, grateful, inspired, etc.). And you can feel the difference – meaning you are picking up on their emotional vibrational resonance. You also have a mental body – again, vibrational. Low vibe thoughts – pull your emotions down with them. High vibe thoughts – lift up your emotions. Which brings me to my next point – all your vibrational fields (body, emotions, mind) are interwoven together – which means they impact one another. Treat your body poorly (don’t feed it properly, move it enough, etc) and your emotions and thoughts will feel/think poorly. Have low vibe thoughts and your emotions will tank and your body will begin to respond in kind. In my healing practice, I can always find discordant thoughts and emotions tied to body discord. Always.

Glass half-full thought on this? Well, it’s awesome! Why? Because you can learn to raise the vibration in your body, mind and emotions and – as a result – feel, think and be MORE! The trick is to incorporate some (or all) of the following steps into your daily routine. Why daily? Because consistency will turn your ship around and keep you on course to more joy, more abundance, more love, more synchronicity – again, MORE!

Personal Power Move

This is one of my personal favorites because it is fun, funny and – personal. Admittedly, this isn’t a mainstream option you’ll find coming from others on how to raise your vibes and that’s because it was born about 20 years ago in my living room when I was kibitzing with a friend (another woo-woo’r) and we – jokingly – came up with this and then took it for a test drive (a few test drives actually) and we were blown away that it actually worked and worked – like *really* well. So, what is it? It’s a series of crazy, funny moves you do with your body to catapult yourself out of a funk, a downward spiral, a low-vibe thought or even static/boredom. And somehow doing that with your body retriggers your mind and emotions all at the same time and floods your full energy system with a zap of joyful silly. I’m telling you – it works. Still confused about the what? Let me give you an example. Right now – stand up and then squat into your best Elvis impersonation (you know the one with the white glitter jumpsuit and the wrestler’s belt) and then do some over-exaggerated arm pumps (I know – super geeky. Stay with me) and then finish with some large circle jazz hands (arms out as wide as possible doing circular motions while you wiggle your fingers). Take this bad boy for a spin when you are funking down and see what happens. Know that this is just a (completely ridiculous – and that’s the point) sample. You can create any set of crazy movements that you want. It is seriously a game-changer. You’re welcome. LOL.


Okay – so this is kinda a no-brainer but many people forget about the awesome power of singing it out. In fact, a lot of times we sing out loud with joyful giddy when things are going well – like throwing ourselves a big rejoice party. What we seldom forget is that singing it out when we are on the dark side of that party moon is even more importante! Make a playlist of your favorite – I’m-so-glad-I’m-alive songs and keep that playlist queued up for when you are dipping down. It’s not enough to listen to the music (although that is really good). You need to sing along to the music. Why? (hold tight for some woo-woo) Because your 5th Chakra is the resonator of your fields (body, mind and emotions) and when you tune it to higher vibration (ie. The music you’re singing to) it helps re-tune your whole energy system. You can get the same effect by toning (humming deeply) with high-vibrational sound. And there is tons of this kind of sound on YouTube. But don’t take my word for it. Try it out and see for yourself. We are vibrational beings – so high-vibe sound creates high-vibes in our fields. Simple.

Dance Fever

So you’ve got the Personal Power Move under your belt, now it’s time to kick it up a notch. More than just an in-the-moment-exaggerated body spaz, Dance Fever is about moving vibration thru-out your whole body (energy field) for the length of a song (or two or three) and releasing yourself into the song. You don’t have to be at a Dancing-With-The-Stars level to get a really high-vibe result with this. You just have to relax into the music and let your body go. Again, this helps your mind to release (and to relax) and the emotions will follow right along. Pair this with the Sing-a-long and you are most definitely cooking with Crisco! And you don’t have to wait till you are at the club or the show or the concert to let ‘er rip. Right there in your kitchen will work just fine!

Nacho Time (Humor)

One of my daughter’s and my favorite movies of all times is Nacho Libre. We’ve watched it like seriously uh-million times. We can recite nearly every line. So why do we keep watching this movie? Cuz it makes us laugh. Hard. Which brings me to the next vibe tool – humor. Whether it’s watching a funny movie, going to a comedy club, watching YouTube videos or online clips that make you laugh or calling your goofy, light-hearted friend (you know the one) - follow the funny and you will find yourself in the (very joyful) home of higher vibes.

Criss-cross Apple Sauce (Meditation)

You might want to cover your children’s ears cuz I am about to say a four-letter word. Meditation. There, I said it! So perhaps the word has more than four letters but soooo many of us look at that word and recoil as if it were a four-letter word and yet, *everyone* touts the uh-mazing benefits of meditation. Sorry, folks – so do I. It is simply the - best - way to achieve higher vibes. Hands down. So how do you sidle up to this thing and make it your go to? Sure, there are apps out there (a good way) and there are classes out there (another really good way) but I think the easiest way to start is to use sound (we *are* vibey people) as way to ease you into the meditation pool. So instead of sitting criss-cross-applesauce (oh, that’s why she named it that!) in silence for 30 minutes a day trying not to think your thoughts. Maybe squish that down to 5 or 10 minutes a day listening to some really relaxing vibey sound and instead of trying not to think your thoughts – focus your thoughts on a color that feels – peaceful. And when your mind wanders. And it will. Just say your color in your mind or imagine your color in your mind and go back to listening to the sound playing in your ears. That, my friends, is meditation. Do this every day and your vibe will go up, up, up.

Nature & Nurture

To get outside yourself you need to get outside. Like seriously. Walk outdoors, wiggle your feet in grass, hug a tree, take a hike, go fishing, go camping, garden, play with your pet – outside. Watch the sunset. Watch the sunrise. From. Out. Side. Why? Because we are Earth creatures. Our bodies have almost the same mineral configuration of Earth. She is us. We are her. Want to feel more grounded – gotta go to the source and connect outside. It will – most definitely – raise your vibe. But here’s the trick. When you are outside you gotta be present with that reality. Meaning – don’t use the time to be in your head or obsess about your emotional schtuff. Focus on your body and your body being outside and connected to Earth. Focus on that and you will feel even more grounded (a gateway drug to high-vibes).

Paid Friend

There is nothing like having someone listen deeply to you and validate your thoughts and feelings – it’s like lotion for your dry soul. So, when you feel you need to take this high-vibe stuff to the next level cuz you’re rocking some deeply-nestled low-vibe thoughts and/or feelings – time to find a paid friend. What is a paid friend? A counselor, a life coach, a healer (a-hem), a mentor, a psychiatrist – someone who is wired to help others with deep listening, objective/grounded reflection and some serious outside-the-circle-of-your-pain guidance and tools for releasing trauma. Like all the tools in this list – consistency gets results. Paid friends have the deepest impact when you invest in more than just a session or two hoping for the quick fix. It took a more than a minute to create the discord you are suffering from so you will need to give yourself time to release and recode.

Food for Thought

Your body is this is incredible electric organism – a beautiful battery that charges itself with minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, oxygen, water, sunlight – you know this, right?! Wanna think more high-vibe thoughts? Gotta raise the frequency of your body. Which means you have to feed your physical body high-vibe foods, herbs and supplements. Pretty straight forward. Eat a lot of McD’s and junk food and it won’t take long before your body blows out and crashes into the low frequency mountain which means adrenal fatigue, depression, insomnia, emotional highs/lows, brain fog, etc. Ugh. Who needs that! So what are some high-vibe foods? Red, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, dark green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, whole grain products, legumes, chlorella, spirulina, and the list goes on and on. Ready to dig in deeper on this? Check out Dr. Paul Haider’s book, Living a Cancer-Free Life. Dr Haider is the number-one herbalist on YouTube and a freaky smart guy when it comes to food, vitamins and supplements. And his book isn’t just for folks trying to heal or avoid cancer – it’s for anyone who wants to take their body to peak health. Which is code for – higher vibration.

Keep It Clean

The saying goes – Clean your house and your mind will follow. Very true, but it’s more than just a dance around your floors with the Swiffer and a good Comet scrub. It’s about cleaning the energy of your home in order to increase the vibrancy in your home. And it’s not just your home either. It’s any space your frequent often – car, office, bedroom. The space you inhabit is an extension of your mind and emotions. Keep it clean and high vibey and it will help your mind stay clear and your emotions stay balanced. How do you take your cleanup to the next level? Going the extra mile includes lighting candles or setting a fire in your fireplace (buckle up for some woo-woo here) as fire is one of the earth’s powerful purifying elements. It’s said the flame mimics the divine kundalini power while the smoke carries away the negative energy. You can also use the sound of water (another powerful earth element) to spiritually clean your home (the sound of rain or a fountain). Last earth element you can use to raise your home’s positive charge? Air/wind. To incorporate this element, simply sweep and/or vacuum your floors daily. That movement/clean immediately shifts the energy of the room.

Muchas Thank you’s

Last but not least is the Attitude of Gratitude. By now I’m sure you’ve heard this one about a zillion times. So here is a zillion and one (cuz it’s a biggun). The fast track to seriously juicy high vibes is gratitude – big daily buckets of feel-it-in-your-toes gratitude. This one sounds super easy but it’s a tad more complex. It’s not a rote listing of things in your life you know you should be grateful for – it’s a reframe of your mind set. Instead of focusing on all you don’t have, you open your heart in grateful acknowledgement to the gifts of all you do have. And you can take this one wayyyyyy deep. How? By being grateful even for the bad shite (yes, all of it). In fact – leaning into gratitude for the bad shite releases some serious high vibrancy. For more direction on that piece of it – take Ho’oponopono for spin and see how you feel. Check that out here.


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